Pro Training Solution TECHNIKFOOT

pro kicks

Experience an innovative and unique training solution in terms of stopped kicking. Game conditions close to real.

Automated jumps 

  • Triggering motion sensor jumps.
  • Specific programmable training.

Precision & Robustness

  • 5 independent and sturdy fiber models.
  • Control by mobile application.

Automated and Robotic Solution

Simple to carry, an exceptional quality, our free-kicks simulator provides you optimum training conditions.

An intelligent training wall capable of putting in real games situation your kick stopped.


Program typical jumps of your opponents for your workouts.

Improve the performance of your players, goalkeeper to earn points in competitions.

Dynamic/Static Jump

Programmable jump Sessions through the application.

Typing detection

Motion sensor with coordinate the tempo of the jump according to the keystroke.

For shooters

Closest to the match conditions to improve the strike.

For the Guardians

Improve investments, reflexes from its random side and shooting angles.

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A strategic issue

kicks stopped in modern football have taken on a strategic stakes to be able to win points in competition.

In this context, TechnikFoot has developed a reliable, innovative simulator that responds in a sustainable way to the new stakes of professional football.

Earning points

“The kicks stopped have been very important since the beginning of this World Cup,” said Andy Roxburgh, a member of the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG) at a press conference devoted to analyzing tactical trends in the tournament. FIFA Source
  • World Cup goals Russia 2018 | 42%
  • Quarterfinals and semifinals-50%

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